The Minimalist Wave


The Minimalist Wave is an obsessive surf wave.

Perfect, infinite and always moving.

It is the ocean drawn to be always at sight.


What is the value of drawings for you?

To represent the world with our eyes and therefore, to appropriate it. It’s a way of capturing it. To spend 30 minutes in front of a landscape to draw it makes that one takes the time to observe it and thus to consider the details.

What is your work process when drawing?

When I want a time to myself, I take a simple sheet, wonder what I would like to do, see or consevoir and draws. A drawing can be long and it’s a moment when I can not stop, so anything can happen, I’ll stay focused. It’s rare nowadays. Normally, when the phone rings, we answer right away …

What prompted this specific project?

Chance. I was on the phone with a client and drawing on a sheet at the same time and I did the first wave. I found it not bad and made a notebook and then stored it. A friend saw it and said, “you should do something about it”. So I went up the GI just a few months ago.

What defines the moments you choose to capture?

It all depends on the times of the day, the moods or where I am. It is a chance to be free to draw what you want without constraint, without customer or command. So, I can do what I want without concessions. Sometimes I want desert, or to build my dream house, or to be in a deserted bay … I think to draw what I saw but to always increase the reality with a wish.

What is your take on colour? What role does this play for the various scenes?

black and white only. So it’s radical. We are very polluted by the image, always solicited. I like to tell myself that I can say a little with very little.

How and to what extent does the built environment and nature effect and inspire you?

We are part of nature, but the city tells us the opposite: soils are all identitques in all cities, smells too … Staying in contact with nature just reminds us that we are part of it, not that it belongs to us. Draw, surf, climb … these are activities that can only bring you closer because you have to deal with it. To forget it is to forget yourself.


Alain is  a french graphic designer obsessed with the waves and “how to express the most with the very few”.