Testing Thoughts


I have always been very interested in illustrations, mostly cartoons, and the effect these have on people. 

There is something in the vagueness of cartoons that speaks to the imagination of the viewer. In this sense the drawing is not fundamental as a representational device but rather as a tool through which to test thoughts. The same thoughts and thinking process which is then shared with colleagues and clients with the intention of starting a conversation. Illustrations allow for flexibility. 

Another dimension to the images is the characters, always curious, always looking, explorers. These usually come last in the images, and they help me understand what I just drew.’


What role does the drawing play in the development of a project?

It´s the first thing I do. Sometimes the drawings don´t make total sense but I go with it.

How would you define your drawing practice? How does it reflect on how you operate as an architect?

I guess I draw as a way to get closer to some of the projects needs without necessarily having to come up with a solution for them. I seldomly show this to clients or colleagues because they usually evolve in parallel or separately from the architectural process, i make a special effort to keep it separated.

What defined the use of colour within your illustrations? Ho do they relate/inform the space you are representing?

I don´t think there is a proper plan behind the use of colour in my case. The colour choices are based mostly on the pallet of pens I might be using at the time, right now I’m using Muji coloured pens which have a really nice range. The only choice I usually make is of giving the characters they own pallete, but it really depends.

Who or what would you say are your references? Are there any cartoons in particular you find particularly interesting?

Ishigami is a big influence for me. As for interesting cartoonists, people like Quino and Caloi influenced me when I was a kid, and Liniers and Tute this days. Bill Watterson, Inio Asano, Jean Julien, they all produce very interesting works. I also recently came across a lot of new up and coming Argentinian illustrators which is very exciting, people like China Ocho, Florencia Pernicone, Sukermercado and Sole Otero, I really like their work.

Flowering floorplans by Junya Ishigami
Flowering floorplans by Junya Ishigami

What defines the positioning and character of these 'explorers' which inhabit the images? Did you ever think of inverting the process and drawing the space around these characters?

Yes sometimes that happens, the character comes first. But usually it is after the second or third redrawing, sometimes that also occurs, I draw the same thing many times.