Salt-N-Sea Mineral Spa


Salt-N-Sea mineral spa retreat is both a productive salt mine and a mineral spa retreat facility in Salton Sea, California. The proposal commodifies the problematic yet surreal nature of Salton Sea, hyping it up to re-define a new American way of living on a productive landscape.


What defined you response to the diploma 5 brief?

Since this year dip 5 does not really have a brief but more a focus on methodology, my project is more of a personal response to my own interest in the relationship between nature and commercialisation, possibly influenced by my upbringing in Hong Kong

How important was the drawing as medium through which to explore and discuss the project at tutorials?

Very important as it will sway the direction of the conversations. For me i think drawings in a tutorial should be done in a way to address topics you want to discuss with the tutors, so depends on what that is, it could be an intricate drawings or a brochure.

What defined the language of representation of the project? To what extent did the approach od diploma 5 influence and effect your drawing style and approach?

For me the representation of the project is crucial to address the sense of irony in my project. Using posters and brochures as a format, it helps to articulates the perceptive qualities and the leisure in an extremely productive landscape, selling a beautiful factory like a real estate project.

For me the openness of dip 5 has always been the biggest influence on my work, how do I play seriously in my work.

What role does the sky play within the images?

The sky is what defines the vastness of the landscape and it articulates the flatness of the colourful salt ponds in the mineral spa resort

What tools did you use? What would you say is your most valuable digital tool?

I use rhino 3ds max photoshop, illustrator the usuals. For me the most valuable digital tool this year is 3ds max as it is very versatile for digital content creation (animation, rendering,etc)

How did you confront and explore your site?

Salton sea is a sandbox of bizarre natural elements. Simply by commodifying aspects of these elements, (such as its salinity, it’s vastness, it’s temperature) and carefully incorporate these environmental qualities in the architecture, it allows the project to become a platform that produces and consumes nature simultaneously, allow users to live in a hyped nature.