Poetique Territories


Poetique territories is located in Fikirtepe,Istanbul. Today, Fikirtepe undergoes massive transformation and draws dystopian future. The main idea of the project is investigating new king of urban forms by learning and researching the existing life forms and production habits in the site and creating an ecological and sustainable life forms by blending the existential situation. Site of the complex building situates in historical area where the pre-historical productive communities lived.

Poetique Territories’ program blends diverse programs together; hosuing, commercial areas and ateliers. Main focus must be making Fikirtepe productive, self-sustainable by using what is already there and integrating community in the developing process.

Productivity is breaking the barriers of neighborhood and emphasing the existing potentials. While facing with the heritage of the past, wehave to keep the productive sides of the comunity and create heterogenouse usages.Today, we know hybrid usages of the spaces create stronger character. Productive neighborhood must be based on mixture of uses, where they all support each other to create harmony. We know that diverse and dynamic productive spaces will be easily adaptable to change and future.


Who influences you graphically?

It is really hard to narrow down my influence into one single name though I have always been into Archigram and their narrative style in their graphics. Even if you can’t grasp that architectural story-telling graphical style as my graphical influence at first glance I believe that I was pretty much influenced many graphic novel books about architecture like Building Stories by Chris Ware, Citizens of No Place by Jimenez Lai, Bricks and Balloons by Mélanie van der Hoorn and so on..

How important is the montage as a medium for the exploration of ideas?

At the beginning of my design process, subconsciously, I start making collages to compile my architectural ideas in my mind as kind of a tool to explore not only architectural layout of the design but also the sociological context of it. Creating the narrative of the architectural design through collage puts the medium in an important position in the process and makes the storyline of the design stronger with the instrument. Especially, in Poetique Territories, it was really crucial to use montage as medium, since the proposal is shaped by the researches I made through collages to understand the context of the site, history of the neighborhood in Istanbul which gets through massive urban transformation and most importantly the social context of the existing local neighborhood.

What lead you to use the GIF? what was the intention of the format and content?

There are many instruments we could use while we are exploring the ideas in the design process though I use GIF to sort out the idea cloud in my mind and overlap them through GIF to organize so it is kind of a medium that I put to use for myself to understand the social, cultural and architectural framework in the site while I am building the proposal. Particularly, that special neighborhood in Istanbul has been growing and transforming as investment machine. I feel like we as citizens, architects, urban planners and politicians fail to face with the certain neighborhoods which has local character. In a way, in that kind of areas, without a vision and neglecting the local character, nothing but dystopian future is awating. According to social theorists such as March Auge and Franco Bifo Berardi, we live an age characterized by the collapse of the idea of the future. This is why any reflection on architecture start an analysis of spontaneous architectural responses to the implosion of the future society. As a way of reflecting that idea, the content of GIF was based on the analysis of these spontaneous reflections in the neighborhood which appears in each frame and building up a whole image of existing environment then disappears and displaced by the cliché construction image in the last frame of GIF.



What is your take on colour? What role does it play within the images?

I love using colors in my representations! Even though, sometimes, it might be intimidating to play around with them, I always try to encourage myself to use them to complement the essence of the project. In the images of Poetique Territories, I guess, emphasizing the hybrid character of the spaces blending together to speak the same language was achieved by colors. I tried to create color-coded poetique language to build up harmony in the representation so each of the elements and usage have their own colors.

What defined the language of representation of the project? What dictated the selection of drawings through which you reveal the proposal?

In the first stage, while I was building up the proposal, I did lots of collage related to the site to explore more about the social environment because it was really important for me to understand the spontaneous local architecture in this specific social context. I was reading lots of news about the neighborhood in Istanbul and how it has been getting through urban transformation wise so I really wanted to put those news from the newspapers to the montages I had been doing. After the proposal had been more clear, I wanted to create sets of drawings creating the dialogue between the language of the architecture and the overlapping hybrid usages and the boundaries of the spaces and unique pieces assembled together.