Incursion is an independent visionary design project that took place in 2016.

The project is an intervention in a residential block in Nasr city, Cairo. This city is built 30 year ago, and with time it became very dense and buildings became very tall. The urban planning of this city is a typical chess planning with small neighborhoods clustered around services. It is Important to notice that very few public spaces was given in the initial design of this city, and throughout the years the land owners kept breaking the rules by raising the buildings that supposed to be maximum 4 storeys till it became 18 story floor buildings. Beside the density of the sprawl this city is fully crowded to the extend that it cannot hold any public activity in the outdoor spaces.

Incursion is a vision or way, to give the residents of this neighborhood a public space inside the building blocks by changing the uses of the building floors and breaking the boundaries between them so that the new uses could be extended and linked together. In other words, looking at the existing built enviroment as a given land plots for new uses.


What defined the language of representation of the project?

The City of Cairo and the nature of the intervention.

How does each drawing address and reveal specific aspects of the intervention?

The idea of the project is to create a growing dynamic system inside the static body of a residential block.  A system which aims to resurrect the whole neighborhood, therefore, Nothing shows this incursion with relation to the context more than a cross-section. On the other hand, an isometric is needed to shows the components of the suggested program for this intervention.

What is your take on color? What role does this play within these images?

In Cairo- Where is the location of the project- Buildings look all similar, pale and the same combination of elements. So I chose the colors that create a contrast between the existing and the intervention. Furthermore, colorful figures to add life and diverse activities.

How important are the figures in the images? How do they inform and talk about your intervention?

Figures in the images have two rules. First, is to reflect the culture of people of Cairo. You can see that they pass the streets from any spot, also, they crowd for any event., actually, that was one of the main objectives of the intervention that is: to create an event.  Secondly, Figures represents life,  in other words. they give life to this seemingly dead residential block.

What was your work process in terms of project development and the medium of the drawing and/or other tools?

The process started with having this vision of giving the city the space that it needs, In Nasr City – a concrete jungle in Cairo – where you don’t have public spaces to do any recreational or cultural activities, I thought of making a statement. A statement of giving the city the space it needs inside this giving dead structures. Secondly, A cadastral survey. Thirdly, embedding the program Inside the structural body of this residential area.  At last, trying to solve the programmatic issues of the injected program and existed structure of the residential block, this resulted in some interesting spaces; L shape soccer field. irregular swimming ball,  irregular reading hall.
For the tools used was AutoCAD for drafting,  3Ds Max for modeling and rendering. Photoshop for final refinements. 

What is your most important tool?

Coming to tools, I believe a good, detailed model leads to a perfect result. So my most important tool is any modeling app