Incontri (Meetings) is a visual research where architecture find new relationships with other spheres like art,cinema and landscapes. The project tried to connect different ages,locations and situations in various pictures where architectural subjects are predominant. The logical link, between the various elements, are the similiraties of their features.

With this outset, for instance, it’s easy to find the Finlandia Hall by Alvar Aalto in an Antartic landscape or the famous australian red rock Uluru put toghether with a brutalist german building. These meetings caused a lot of fusions which are very interesting because these strange connections generate new experimental contexts, that they can examinate together in a new surrealistic dimension.


What prompted this investigation?

This research called “Meetings” was born in a contest of investigation between the main important fields of art: painting,sculpture and of course architecture. I saw in several artworks some incredible similarities that I want to combine togheter in order to create new relationships among them. Consequently,I was astonished to the results that progressively came out, because different artistical/architectural genres started dialogues that there were and they only waited someone that assembled them.

What is your take on Dali’s critical paranoia and medium of collage?

The Dali’s critical paranoia was essential to create my artworks. I was able to put togheter the multiple elements only with a deep voyage on my irrationality mind. Sometimes, it happened that I saw an architecture that inspire me something,but if I tried to collocate it in a condition of rationality it was harder found others artistic manufacts in the way to generate new atmospheres.

What was your work process in terms of constructing an image /argument?

The process started with an architecture that inspire me something. After that, at the moment I try to remember other paintings or sculptures that could set up a relationship with it in the direction of generating a dialogue with art and architecture,a dialogue that in modern times in my opinion have lost its genuine connection. If on the spot, I didn’t remember anything, I usually print an image of the architecture choosed and I put it in a binder. Consequently through the irrationality or a other things linked about something that I see anywhere later, I begin my work on it. Every time, I try to equilibrate the composition of my collage with diverse proofs because I care a lot that my work does not become an hash without graphic basis. Finally, I add a personal geometrically motif connected with celestial elements like the Sun or the Moon. These elements are very important for me because are my signature and are a crucial features for the good final composition. Recently, I also started a new project linked about architectural solutions for mega infrastructures related about attual issues such as the connection of Ireland in the post-Brexit situation or the drought problem in the Sahara Desert. These collages attempt to give utopical strategies in order to cope those political/natural challenges in a huge scale,put on old maps with a romantic taste. I didn’t find at the moment the correct name for them.

Where do you source your images? Do you have an archive you keep adding to? Do you use online/ digital sources or offline/analogue material?

I usually search the pictures on Internet after an accurated selection in the way to find precisely what I want on my work. In the future I want to try to create them with analogical or offline materials but in this moment I can’t have the adequate space to work in this manner, so I prefer to wait why I don’t like to work in an unappropriate way.

What is you take on the contemporary state of the digital collage?

My opinion about the contemporary state of collages is that there are some other interessant authors that have opened several modes to experiment singular things that started from the past attempts. Nevertheless, there are others that passing off banal works such as masterpieces, especially because those works didn’t request a significant mental process in creating collages. They only put something that “she’s fine” with another without a critical procedure that ennoble it like an artwork.

What is ultimately the conversation you want these drawings to create?

The final purpose of my works is to raise awareness the architectural world to rediscover a connection with plastic and figurative arts,because without decorations,sculptures and other ornaments architecture have lost a poetical meaning that it has marked throughout centuries. Contemporaneousness could implicate modern ornaments that can break with the old traditions such as the 900’s avant-garde thought us. This research help me in the architectural works and they have contributed more than I expected.