GOT: Architecture XXI century

GOT: Architecture XXI century


The aim of the “GOT: Architecture XXI century” competition is to reconceive the fictional settings of Game of Thrones as contemporary architectural masterpieces.
Participants are asked to draft one image with freedom of scale, technique, and level of abstraction, that will convey the new interpretation of one of the show’s castles and fortresses.
Choosing one among the most prominent castles of the noble families, participants are encouraged to identify their architectural, functional and aesthetic characteristics and re-imagine them with contemporary and a critical eye.

We encourage creativeness, criticality, and innovation. We ask participants to submit one image with personal expression. This can be a technical drawing, an axonometric that highlights functional aspects of the building, a close up interior view of its main space, a panoramic perspective or even a comic strip. Regardless of the chosen mode of expression, the image needs to convey with clarity the design concept for the proposed castle.

*ELIGIBILITY: Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually.


Non Architecture will award only one winner, selected by the jury collectively, and 6 honorable mentions, selected by each juror individually.

The prizes are the following:

WINNER (1 prize): 1.500 euros, publication in the Non Architecture book and website, and reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs. Selected for the cover of the book.

HONOURABLE MENTIONS (6 prizes): Publication in the Non Architecture book and website, and reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs.

FINALISTS (42 prizes): Publication in the Non Architecture book.

Jury & Calendar

The Non Architecture Team:

Marco Mattia Cristofori – Director
Luca de Stefano – Creative Director
Matilde Mellini – Project Manager
Daniela Silva – Researcher & Editor
Giovanni Garrone – Content Manager & Graphic Designer

20-30 May 2019 Pre-sale period
1 June Competition Opening
1 June – 30 June Early Registration period (40 €)
1 July -31 July Late Registration period (80 €)
15 July 2019 Submission Opens
31 July 2019 Submission Deadline (23:59 GMT 0)
21-26 August Winners announcement
15 November 2019 The “GOT – Architecture XXI Century” book available

The timing always refers to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT 0).