About Us

KooZA/rch – Researching the visual language of our built environment

Embracing the multidisciplinary, our ambition is to research, challenge and reveal the multitude of lenses through which we can draw and talk about our built environment.

At KooZA/rch the image is the medium through which we question and trace speculative ideas which confront our contemporary understanding of architecture and the space it enfolds both physically and metaphorically. From the theoretical to the real, we value the image as true piece of evidence which documents the world we have come to shape and now inhabit.

We approach the image as a universal visual language which transcends borders. For us the image is concept, truth and project. As a digital research platform, we challenge the very act of drawing and image making in the land of the pixel.

We value the daring and the absurd, the alternative to the normal, the ideas which push contemporary pre-conceptions and boundaries



Our #interviews pledge to be inspirational conversations which reveal the behind the scenes of what constitutes a project. From the final images we talk and write our way back to reveal all that lies between concept and final product. We cherish the ‘work in progress’ as moment of critical thinking where exciting and thought-provoking ideas are shaped and discussed.

We do not limit ourselves to one reading and one image but rather pledge to reveal the multitude of decisions through which we think, shape and design our built environment.


Through our #abstraction series we research and challenge selected contributors with a bi-annual theme. Pushing the potential and limits of the image we invite each contributor to respond with one picture and a 300-word abstract.


The #archipelago exists as a curated set of floating references. Selected every time by a different creative from the field of architecture in response to a specific theme, these images are here digitally archived.  Drawing on Warhol’s very own principle that ‘Images need to be shared’ and quoting Erwin Panofsky, who once famously said that “the future is built from fragments of the past” our archipelago pledges to be the go to online library for critical references. Rather than passive, we believe in the power of this as an active tool for making architecture from architecture.


A curated selection of competitions and events we feel strongly about and we invite you to participate in.


Submit your vision

KooZA/rch wants to share your ideas.

To submit a project for consideration, please email us a selection of jpegs (1920 pixels on the longest side), a project description max 500 words) with relevant links were appropriate. Please not that all files types must be saved as: Titleofproject_Nameofperson_academic/work position (year, university and program- alternatively architecture studio). We regret to inform that we do not upload images which differ in naming & size.


Please not that plagiarism is not tolerated



We welcome advertising on our page as long as it is related to the realms of architecture & design.

We offer a range of ways to reach our global audience of architecture and design professionals including banners on our website and newsletter as well as posts on our social media platforms.

Please feel free to contact us at hello@koozarch for further information.