About Us

KooZA/rch is a Visionary Platform for Architectural Research.

Embracing the multidisciplinary, our ambition is to research, analyze and reveal the multitude of lenses through which we can draw and talk about architecture, from its conception to its built form.

At a time when the amount of built architecture accounts for a minute percentage of that which is in effect ‘architecture’ we value the drawing as medium through which we can address past, contemporary and future challenges. Exploratory realms are the foundation of revolutionary ideas and ways of approaching architecture as a discipline rather than as a form.

We value the daring and the absurd, the alternative to the normal, the ideas which push contemporary pre-conceptions and boundaries.

We challenge paper architecture in the land of the pixel,

We praise powerful imagination to the spectacular brick,

We value the critically unbuilt.

Through shared ideas and inclusive discussions, we confront not only what was and what was not but what will be. Through our Abstractions series we curate specific research themes and invite an international community of designers to dwell and respond to the challenge.


KooZA/rch wants to share your ideas.

Please send your project to hello@koozarch.com

Requirements include:

Images must be jpeg (max 1920px) format and must be saved as: Titleofproject_Nameofperson_academic/work position (year, university and program- alternatively architecture studio).

A project description/abstract text (max 500 words)

*We regret to inform that we do not upload images which differ in naming & size.